October 24, 2013

Health Education

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  ~Nelson Mandela

One of my roles it to translate research into a practice in a way that is easily understood and based on evidence. Just a caution though, my style is edutational. Meaning that it is as entertaining as educational:)

Check out the Men’s Health & On The Dope tabs for other health education.


Boy’s & Men’s Health

On average men die 4 years earlier & lead in 13 of the 14 major causes of death compared to women. The good news is that only 30ish% of men’s health has to do with genetics, the rest has to do with issues related to lifestyle. That’s why it’s about more than penises & prostates. It is about high risk behaviors, anger management, suicide, addictions and depression.  Here is a video from 2016 at UFV.

Psychedelic Therapy: depression, anxiety & substance use.

Drugs like magic mushrooms, ecstasy, LSD, peyote & ayahuasca are getting a lot of attention these days. This is because after 30 years scientists are starting to reexamine the potentials of these substances to treat issues like: PTSD, addiction, anxiety & cluster headaches.  Here is a presentation I did at an evening of performance art bazaar in 2011. I am also a member of the Psychedelic Support Network.


Recently legalized in Canada, cannabis has a diversity of opinion on benefits/dangers. What do we know about its effects on substance misuse, abuse imagine me and you streaming potential, effect on mental health? There is some good historical and emerging evidence that can be used in decision making and treatment planning.