October 24, 2013


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  ~Nelson Mandela

In an information age there is allot of information available. But is it trustworthy & engaging?

With a masters degree & over 20 years of delivering presentations you can be confident that I am going to not only know the evidence but how it applies to real life. One of my roles it to translate research into a practice in a way that is easily understood and based on evidence. Just a caution though, my style is edutational. Meaning that it is as entertaining as educational.

Youth, Mental Health & Drugs

Moving into adulthood is an important task that deserves appropriate attention. The habits that we develop during this stage can last a lifetime. There is also a delicate balance that needs to be reached between rights and responsibilities. So how do we as parents, communities and role models go about this? Though an informed and individually tailored approach that is based on evidence & not scare tactics. PSP, May 2017 – Merritt is a slide deck from a Practice Support Program in 2017.

Men’s Health

It is a health risk to be a man. On average men die 4 years earlier & lead in 13 of the 14 major causes of death compared to women. The good news is that only between 30-50% of men’s health has to do with genetics, the rest has to do with issues related to lifestyle. That’s why it’s about more than penises & prostates. It is about high risk behaviors, anger management, suicide, addictions and depression. And these issues a don’t only effect men but businesses, communities & families they are a part of. Here is a video from 2017 at UFV.

Spiritual ECT’s: How plant medicine’s are improving mental health.

Drugs like magic mushrooms, ecstasy, LSD, peyote & ayahuasca are getting a lot of attention these days. This is because after 30 years scientists are starting to reexamine the potentials of these substances to treat issues like: PTSD, addiction, anxiety & cluster headaches. I refer to these broadly as spiritual ECT’s because they act in a similar fashion as an ECT would, but rebooting the spirit within us. Here is a presentation I did at an evening of performance art bazaar in 2011.