October 24, 2013

Health Education

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  ~Nelson Mandela

One of my roles it to translate research into a practice in a way that is easily understood and based on evidence. Just a caution though, my style is edutational. Meaning that it is as entertaining as educational:)

Men’s Health

It is a health risk to be a man. On average men die 4 years earlier & lead in 13 of the 14 major causes of death compared to women. The good news is that only 30ish% of men’s health has to do with genetics, the rest has to do with issues related to lifestyle. That’s why it’s about more than penises & prostates. It is about high risk behaviors, anger management, suicide, addictions and depression. And these issues a don’t only effect men but businesses, communities & families they are a part of. Here is a video from 2017 at UFV.

Spiritual ECT’s: How plant medicine’s are improving mental health.

Drugs like magic mushrooms, ecstasy, LSD, peyote & ayahuasca are getting a lot of attention these days. This is because after 30 years scientists are starting to reexamine the potentials of these substances to treat issues like: PTSD, addiction, anxiety & cluster headaches. I refer to these broadly as spiritual ECT’s because they act in a similar fashion as an ECT would, but rebooting the spirit within us. Here is a presentation I did at an evening of performance art bazaar in 2011.