May 24, 2014

Men’s Health

As a group, boys and men are under represented in programs and strategies to improve health & very much over represented on the negative side of health outcomes.

We die on average 4 years earlier than women, account for 80% of suicides & overdoses and lead women in almost all leading causes of death. What’s more is that they experience higher levels of: violence victimization, work place injuries & addictions.

Yet very little attention is given to this population.

My goal is to improve boys and men’s health through education, health promotion & direct men friendly services like counselling/coaching or groups.

Know Your Numbers

Men’s health is about more than penis’ & prostates. Sprott-Shaw Practical Nursing program encouraged men to ‘Know their Numbers’ in novel environments like: pubs, gyms & the farmers market. These numbers include: BMI, blood pressure & blood glucose. Poster: Know Your Numbers 2015


City of Kamloops Proclamation

Kamloops City Council has supported my request for Men’s Health Week since 2015. Kamloops is one of three communities in Canada that has done so since it’s inception.

Kamloops DUDES Club 2014-2019

The DUDES Club was established in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside in 2010, and is a proven model for Indigenous men’s wellness promotion that builds solidarity and brotherhood, enabling men to regain a sense of pride and purpose in their life. Indigenous men derive particular benefits from being a part of DUDES, including increased trust in people, social/peer support, and connection to heritage and culture. Kamloops Social Planning Council provided 1 year seed funding.

Man of the Month Award

Man of Month ran in 2014 and celebrated men who were nominated for their good work, especially in non-traditional ways, like stay at home dads.


Mz. Judged was a performance to support ASK Wellness and raise awareness about gendered issues. Contestant Promo:

A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, and a Prayer

In addressing violence, this event brought together men from various backgrounds To hear show promo click here. For more information check out VDay Kamloops.

“Any Mother’s Son will Do”

Kamloops First Forum on Men’s Health. Acknowledging the differences of genders for men’s health. For professionals to incorporate “intentionality” into their practice for the benefit of men as well as women. Poster: Any mothers son will do, 2012

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  • Hi Jeff

    My uncle suggested I reach out to you.

    My name is Dev. Looking to find someone to talk to about my life, and get some outside perspectives.

    Look forward to hearing back.

    Thank you.

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